Don't work for likes

With the year 2017 finished behind us and 2018 starting, I see a lot of "best nine" post from photographers and artists alike. Last year that was something I did too, something I did actually care about. This year, with my experiences not only with social media but also from real life I don't care for this stuff anymore.

So many things nowadays come down to, how many likes did this post get on Facebook, how many likes did my pizza get on Instagram and so on and so forth, that we forget to focus. Focus on the real things that matter. Nothing is more meaningless than a Facebook or Instagram like, because so many things can affect this "rating". From weird, ever changing algorithms that hide your post from people, to time of posting, over local holidays to spam and follower bots. Using Likes as a measure is ultimately flawed.

What we should instead focus on is the comments a work of art or actually any message gets. If someone stops from scrolling through their feed to leave a comment about how he/she likes that work or expresses interest otherwise, that is way more satisfying than a simple like. It also has more power to it. On a rough day a simple nice comment can actually cheer you up.

Another thing we often forget over the hunt for likes, is experiencing the moment. I would have missed so many good times this year if my biggest concern would have been "this would make a great Instagram post". Instead being there in the moment, really living life, instead of curating for your next post is so much more fulfilling.

I want to thank all the people I had such great times with this year, and everyone for their nice comments regarding my work.

Onward to 2018. The sky is the limit.

A little teaser for my diploma project


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