Status update - November 2017

It has been quite a while since I last updated this blog, or since I posted a finished artwork. In this little life-sign post I want to share with you what I have been doing in the meantime.

Work on my diploma thesis 

In September I spent all my time writing my diploma thesis as we had to submit that for approval at the first week of October. That was a task I highly underestimated, but I can now proudly say, that about 90% of the theoretical part is finalised for my last semester, which started November 1st. A good chunk of the practical part, which is illustrating a collected issue of short-stories and poems by Edgar Allan Poe, I had already done in the summer. I'm about 60% through the number of stories I want to include, with the option to always cut some content if the worst happens. Right now, the phase of translating the theoretical part into reality has started. That means I am now at designing a Corporate Identity for my fictional publishing house and concepting marketing campaign ideas for the product, which is a hardbound book.

A spread from "The Raven"

Right now, I've got 41 Illustrations finished and am expecting to need about 25-35 more. The book is counting 188 pages, with the finished illustrations and the text of all the stories in. I am expecting a final count of 200-220 pages.

If you are interested in the creation process of the book, you can follow my Instagram or Facebook, where I post thumbnails and drawings for the illustrations.

Encounters with the Imaginary

On top of that, Jeszika Le Vye, who is an incredible artist herself, invited me to be part of the second volume of "Encounters with the Imaginary". EwtI is a collaborative artbook about creatures of Imagination, folklore and fairy-tales. Each of the 20+ artists got 4 pages to fill with illustrations and a short story about the creature he or she choose. The book was then funded through Kickstarter. 

Naturally I was super flattered and taking part was a no brainer for me. The creature I choose was the "White Lady", a female ghost found in many folklore stories. 

"The White Lady"

This project was great fun to work on, with great measures of creative freedom. It gave me the opportunity to put some of my favourite subjects into one image: Highlands, ruined buildings and ghosts. 

If you are interested to learn more, you can still pre-order the book via gumroad. There is also a little interview I did for the book online. 

Getting back into photography

After I got a new camera in May I also started to get more and more back into photography again. The last time I ran around with my camera in excessive ways was around 2012 and since then photography faded out of my life till it was merely a tool to take reference images for my artworks. I always had the wish to do more though and with the decision to get a smaller, more portable camera I started to dive back into it. I spend most of my free-time on taking pictures this year and even started shooting film with my dad's old analogue 35mm camera.  What can I say? I'm loving it. 

"Escape from the city" Model: Julie Overmann

In order to separate my photographic adventures from my illustrative endeavours, I created a secondary Instagram account, a Blog and a website, that is coming soon. The other two are already up and running and I would be glad if you paid them a visit. Maybe the work there is of interest for you. For me it is certainly an extension of the topics and subject-matters I work into my illustrations. 

Into the future? Into the future! 

My photographic undertakings have thought me the importance of emotional impact over technical perfection (look out for an upcoming post) and made me realise, that this is something I have to work on with my paintings. It also made me want to pick up oil painting again (I already have something planned for that) The rest of my time is going to be consumed by my diploma though. I hope to keep you and this blog updated with news. 

All the best to you,


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